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Notorious Robber Receives Mystery Letter, 24-hours Ultimatum to Return Stolen Items or Dies (VIDEO)

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…as over 500 millipede fills home

A notorious robber who specialises in carting away people’s property in Uyo has received a mystery letter demanding the return of all the items stolen within 24 hours or dies.

According to a Facebook user who shared the story this morning,  the incident took place at 240 Abak Road, Uyo the Akwa Ibom state capital.

The source disclosed that millipede numbering over 500 filled, crawling over the walls and floors of the home of the alleged thief.

In the mystery letter the stolen items listed to be returned within the stipulated item include, 43 LED TV (HIENSE), LG DVD Set Model HT 502Shar and Remote control, Centre speaker, 2.5 KVA Intelligent Power Inverter, Gas Cyclinder, Regulator stabilizer among other items.

The mystic letter

The letter further revealed that a certain spirit named ‘Abemoung’ was in his house and demanded that he (the alleged thief) returns the stolen items to the unknown spirit with his people.

The spirit of Abemoung is hereby given you two days to return all this items. Failure to do so you will die in two days from now and your family will face the problems of Abemoung. N/B: You are to bring this items to Abemoung with your people, if you like you do it.” The letter read

Meanwhile, another facebook user who shared his thought on the development disclosed that the mystery letter and millipede was not a new development. He added that it was a normal practice used in the 1980’s to fish out criminals and that in most cases vultures were used to deliver letter to criminals.

The facebook user wrote, “

“A mysterious happenstance beside 240 Abak Road close to Uddy King filling station immidatly after Ikot Okubo market, a young man that has been identified as a thief – a specialist in breaking and entering; into peoples apartment to Cart away their belonging received strange matured millipede numbering more than 500 inside his house why some where within the walls and floor of his house outside parading round the compound.

Attached is a copy of the latter in front of the house showing what he was alleged to have stolen and to be returned within two (2) days or he die. Come see mystical power in action.”

However, there has been recent public outcry over the rate of robbery in the state capital. Some of the victims who have lost their property to this conmen shared their experiences on social media and called on the state government to intensify security in the state.


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